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Dog Squalor

Well it's finally happening. Our sweet little Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is almost all grown up (he'll be a year next month!) and the tidal wave of dog hair has been unleashed on our home. Wherever he goes he leaves black opaque spots of dog hair. There's even been dog hair tumbleweeds! I know he's going to shed and there's nothing I can do about it (his long adult coat hasn't even come in!) but I want to try and attack the problem at the source- by brushing him myself.

So do any of you lovely GTers have any tips on brushing/ grooming dogs such as favorite products? And has anyone ever tried the Dyson grooming vacuum attachment? We have a Dyson vacuum (best gift my parents have ever gotten me!) and it sounds too good to be true.

Obligatory pictures!!!


(The last pic was taken in November which is when I stopped being able to pick him up!)

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