Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know I posted about this before, so I’m sorry for repeating myself. But my partner and I continue to try to find a dog to adopt and we just got rejected again and it sucks and we’re both sad.

This is the second time we got rejected and we have no idea why. This time, I had a good feeling. After we met the dog, the Humane Society employee who did the meet-and-greet said she liked us a lot and would put a good word in. The dog seemed to get along with us really well. They stressed that they choose the applicant who is best for the dog, but we have no idea why we weren’t selected. I suddenly understand why some people feel the need to ask for a post-mortem after getting rejected by a date because, if only you had a little information or a reason why it didn’t work out, you could maybe gain a little control over the situation next time by doing something different.


I think we’d make good dog owners. We’re responsible and caring and financially stable. We don’t have children or other pets. We do live in a condo but we’ve made sure only to apply to adopt dogs whose bios explicitly say they would be ok in such a space. My partner hasn’t owned a dog before but I have. I keep going over everything we said at the meet-and-greet and what we wrote on the application and wondering if we might have screwed something up unintentionally.

It just sucks and I really hate seeing my partner so bummed.

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