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Dogdancing is the newest magical thing I've seen

Have you ever heard of a thing called... Dogdancing? I had not. Apparently, there is an entire world out there of competitive dog dancing - where owners and their dogs do extensively choreographed dance acts together and compete.


Why is this not what I do? Why do I come to work every day, instead of sitting at home, working on intricate dance routines with my dog? (Non-rhetorical question, you guys).


Please enjoy this tape of the highlights from the finalists at the 2012 Dogdancing World Championships in Salzburg. I notice that France won, meaning that this appears to be something you represent your country in?. I can't imagine anything prouder.

BONUS: This footage is not from the World Championships, but please enjoy a routine set to "Grease", with the dog playing the role of John Travolta.

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