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Doggie Grooming Help!

I had to close clip down my old dog last night and need advice on making him as comfortable as possible. He’s a really old guy and had some bad matting that had to be shaved out all along his tummy and private areas and where his back legs connect to his torso. The groomer and I tried to brush him everywhere else, but his hair is so thick all over and he has really bad arthritis that she said it would be faster and easier on him to clip him fairly close all over - not just on the matted bits. I do brush him on my own, with a special brush to help thin out his hair, but he only tolerated about 7-10 minutes a day before the grooming. It’s my hope that we can start with a clean slate here and he’ll do better with the daily brushings because there won’t be as much hair to get through.

I’m trying to research what to do now, after the fact, to make him feel more comfortable. I have an appointment with my vet on Friday to look at some bad spots on his skin that we have found with his hair so short (for this, I’m glad that the vet will have such a good view of him). I’m going to ask her what to do in general as well. But anyways, everything I see online is “DON’T EVER CLIP/SHAVE YOUR DOG” and I get that, but the alternative wasn’t possible. So, it’s happened, now what?


So, my dog, he’s old and blind and arthritic. He doesn’t sleep in bed with me (again, arthritis, probably couldn’t get up there if he wanted to), but he has a bunch of round dog beds in my room (like, 3 dog beds in an 11x14 ft room because I’m a neurotic dog mom) that he curls up in. They all have little side walls to keep him kinda boxed in. I covered him with his fleecy blanket last night and he slept like that for about half the night before moving to a bed without a blanket cover.

Is my dog freezing? Does he totally hate me? Please tell me he doesn’t! The internet obviously does hate me, but I swear I didn’t know what else to do! Has anyone else had to clip a dog close? Have you had to do it this late in the year? Do they still love you? What did you do to keep them comfy while their hair was growing back in? How long did it take for their hair to start growing back?

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