Sorry, I don't wanna use you guys as my personnal pet consultants (except that I kinda do). My sweet doggie hurt his paw. He's been limping since sunday. I am pretty sure it's the paw and not the leg : I bent his leg and rebent it, he looked mildly annoyed with me. He will protect his paw when he sits by not putting it on the floor. My husband examined his paw and he checked the cracks (dog always have rough cracked paws - at least my dog does) and he told me that the dog was okay with the checking of the cracks until he touched a deeper one and then Dog took back his paw. I have been soaking his paw for 2 minutes at a time - that's how long he'll let me, we're talking big whiny shepherd here - in a peroxyde dishwasher epsom salt solution, but I wonder if there are more efficient and quick remedies. Also, how long should I wait before a trip to the vet in your opinion? If he had pain in his leg, I'd take him right away, but I really think it's just the paw.