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Doggie Update/Advice Requested

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Good morning, friends! Little Louise is currently doing her first shift as my hangover nurse. It's been a good week getting to know her. She is sweet and affectionate and she and the wienerdog get along about 90%. So mostly good stuff.


I'm having some issues getting her to go outside though. Like, she SEEMS to know what she is supposed to do out there, but she just HATES going outside. I can't lure her out with a treat even. Right now my strategy is picking her up, putting her outside, giving her a treat because she hates it, and then blocking the door while she tries to run back inside. Sometimes she'll go to the bathroom and I'll give another treat, but sometimes she is so focused on getting back in the house we can't get her to do anything.

I'm kind of thinking this might be rooted in some PTSD (she was apparently rescued from floodwaters). So I am being comforting, but stern, and trying to instill confidence that we always get to come back inside eventually. But that's just my theory. Other than this hatred of the outdoors she is happy and energetic!


Going on walks is slightly better but I don't want to structure urinating around a walk since we can't ALWAYS do that. What's weird is that she seems to totally lack the motivation to like, mark territory by peeing over the other dog's pee or anything. She also isn't super motivated by treats either. Like my other dog goes bonkers if there is a treat in play. She'll eat them but not enthusiastically. Obviously I will continue to use them but I hope they are working...haha.

So anyway, I live in a dog toilet.


  • She is kennel trained
  • She doesn't seem to have a schedule
  • She doesn't have established poo spots

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