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Doggy Devastation

FluterDog is wonderful and I love her. But she is also big, unwieldy, and sort of hard to cuddle with.

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with smush-faced dogs. It's also no secret that I would trade Sh*tty K*tty for a lapdog in a heartbeat. So when I was feeling a little gross this morning and FluterDude said, "Let's go look at the pet adoption fair!" neither of us thought it was a good idea.

We did it anyway. Disaster struck, in the form of the guy pictured above. His name is Howard. I don't usually like chihuahua shaped beasties, but he has wormed his silly little way into my heart. (It didn't help that the guy supervising the adoption fair was devious, and basically put him into my arms without asking my permission.)

He fell sleep in my arms. He prances when he walks. He doesn't bark at other dogs, small children, or anything really. He snuggles his face in my armpit. He's a list of every quality I wanted to balance out FluterDog.

And we have a two pet limit. (I even tried to negotiate. I'm sure I could have persuaded the old apartment manager but the new one does not know me yet).

Dying on the inside. Sh*tty K*tty: your days are numbered.


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