I grew up with German Shepards. They were the only dogs we ever had and they make excellent pets, guardians, and furry friends.

But this nonsense popped up on my Facebook feed today. Besides the coded “thug” language, no, suspects involved with K-9 units should not get the same punishment for injuring or killing a dog than a human police officer.

It’s a dog. The reason they use K-9's instead of more humans is both because of their abilities and because they are disposable compared to humans. You could send a human police officer in to take down a suspect who is running or armed, but dogs are there to help preserve human life.

The facebook page this comes from, of course, is full of comments about “putting down” the “thugs,” and in some sick reversal the dog becomes human and the human becomes a dog. As an animal lover, but one who does not value them over human life, this irks me.