My HOA sent out an email today saying that dogs much relieve themselves across the street on the 4 ft strip of grass between the road and the bushes. I thought maybe they somehow meant #2 but then they cite that dogs going on the grass is killing it and ew yucky. I am in an area where it rains at least every 3 or 4 days so the grass is thoroughly replenish. There are 4 dogs among the 8 townhouses that I share a back yard with and there are a couple of spots with yellow grass along the edge and everybody picks up after their dog. I can't say for the other buildings but this seems a bit ridiculous, the grass is pretty lush and it doesn't smell. But, we should somehow convince my dog to hold it for 100 yards to cross the street after he has been in for 9 hours or gone all night.
#rulesIwillbebreaking #cantwaittoownmyownhouseandnothavecloseneighbors