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Dogsitting is EXHAUSTING!

I am watching my parents’ dog while they’re away for a few days. She is a puppy. She is a big ball of energy. I am also watching my dog, who is a grumpy old man-dog who loves that he has a buddy to play with, but also likes quiet time.

Every day, they spend outside in their yard, and then I let them out and we play before dusk. At 4:00. And then I have to stay in the living room and the dining room to let them play inside. And keep an eye on them. She’s a really annoying kid-sister type and he can only take so much of her before he gets bossy.


So we stay downstairs in the common areas until her bedtime. At 10. What the heck am I supposed to do with myself in my parents’ house for SIX HOURS??? EVERY NIGHT???? FOR A WEEK?????? I’d much rather hang out in the guest room with my dog passed out next to me, reading or something. But noooo, I have to watch Lady Destructo to make sure she doesn’t tear all the skin off of tennis balls and eat them.

Did I mention that she’s not entirely housetrained? She wants to be, so badly. When she goes to the door and pees a bit, she runs over to me, head down and ears back, like she’s sorry but she’s still not sure how this bladder thing works.


So I also have to look out for that. I am so tired and I cannot wait for my folks to come back. The dogs each want all of the attention, and it’s way easier to satisfy that need when there are 3 people around. At this point, I’m lucky I have two hands, so everybody gets petted at the same time.

I really should take a nap to rest up for Fun Time. Oooh boy.

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