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Doin' It Right: WordPress Community Addresses Harassment

As a lady who writes code/does tech things, I'm frequently frustrated/irritated/SMASH when I see any -isms (and they can be abundant) influencing the culture where I make my money.

So this post, from Sarah Gooding at WP Tavern, totally made my week. As a whole, the WP community is head and shoulders above most tech/tech product communities I've lurked in. (I could tell you such stories. You don't want to hear them.) There are women in prominent roles, interactions between members are almost universally respectful, and overall the atmosphere is welcoming to everyone. In spite of this, there have been a few issues reported from WordCamps, which are local WP events that mix socializing with learning.


Instead of arguing that there's nothing to be done, or trying to brush off the concerns of those who have been harassed, the community is having a conversation about how to fix it. While there's some dissent in the comments (isn't there always?), the response seems to be primarily positive.

I see so much bullshit in this field, I was beginning to think I'd never see any changes before I retired, but this gives me hope. The WP community isn't perfect, but I appreciate that they aren't afraid to be better.

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