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Doing God's Work

The following letter was sent to a colleague recently. This is not the "Bible Belt" we're talking about - it was right here, in the Northeast.

(I have censored identifying information)

Dear Dr. ____

I have moral objections to what you are providing. I hope you will realize your error. Especially before your judgment before God.

With best intentions,


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At the surface, you look at something like this and might think "Not too bad, not that threatening." But we doctors have become a cagey lot in the past few months, following the death of a cardiac surgeon in Boston. And most Jez and GT readers are fully aware of the looming threat under which the women's health providers of this country work.

As others have noted before me, this offends me on multiple levels - as a feminist, as a physician, and as a Christian. A physician who has dedicated their life to the health of women and their babies works long, strenuous hours, pays ungodly rates for malpractice insurance, and at the end of the day sits down to find a letter politely informing her that she's going to hell. The idea that some rando nutter can presume to know the will and judgement of God strikes me as presumptuous in the extreme to the point of blasphemy.


The irony of all of this is that the provider in question does not even perform abortions - she is a fertility specialist. How very noble, to harass a provider who's job it is to help women struggling with fertility issues conceive.

Many of us who work in medicine do so because we felt we were called to the profession, a calling to help people. I'd love to know what this letter writer does in his daily life to work towards the betterment of his fellow man. Aside from harassing fertility specialists, of course.

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