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I have to compile a picture version of a stage managers kit for class Wednesday. My instructor is going to then quiz us by giving us situations and we need to have a picture of an appropriate item to take care of that situation. I took some notes in class for a few items he mentioned and googled to see what others say. The last time I was a stage manager I was in high school and everything I needed outside of paper and pencils I could get in my teacher's office backstage.

So theatre jezzies, is there anything you would add or leave off?


  1. Pencils*

  2. Erasers

  3. Pencil Sharpener

  4. Pens

  5. White out

  6. Highlighters

  7. Sharpies

  8. post its

  9. Scissors

  10. Three hole punch*

  11. Stapler*

  12. colored pencils

  13. scotch tape*
  14. white out

First Aid Kit

  1. Hairbrush

  2. Gumbands

  3. Bobby Pins

  4. Band aids

  5. Sterile Swabs

  6. Instant Ice Pack

  7. eye-drops

  8. breath mints

  9. pads

  10. tampons

  11. tidepen

  12. hand sanitizer

  13. dental floss

  14. qtips

  15. nail clippers

  16. tweezers

  17. tylenol/advil

  18. cough drops

  19. Kleenex


  1. pocket knife*

  2. multi-head screwdriver

  3. tape measure

  4. flashlight

  5. stopwatch

  6. chalk

  7. scale ruler

  8. Gaff Tape

  9. Glow Tape

  10. Super Glue


  1. mini sewing kit

  2. safety pins

  3. tide pen

  4. clear nail polish

  5. lint roller


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