hands up for all the ladies (and dudes) who are on vacation right now!

it feels good. I only have three things to do between now and 11 AM tomorrow -

1. clean

2. pack


as 1 & 2 can be completed in 2 hours total and I have a glowing 21ish to work with here, I'm feeling pretty good about things. I haven't had so much free time since...


well. I can't remember. In the past week, I had my own annual Holiday brunch at my place, organized the office holiday party, got taken on a surprise xmas date by my boyfriend (dumpling making classes!!! so fun!! he's cute.) finished all my Christmas shopping.. I turned into a damn busy lil Christmas elf. PLUS I actually went out of the house to exercise and got some great work news!!

Thus, now, I will politely wait for my landlady to stop vacuuming the stairs outside my door, then light up this pretty little j I rolled and sit on my bum until it's time for me to cook whatever is left in my fridge, and enjoy this whole day of solitude and freedom and dancing around in my undies. I may even make the almond tart my mother likes so much since my parents are actually driving 2 hours to pick my ass up and drive me home.



Come, do nothing with me!!!!