Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Also, shameless self-promotion.

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So, many of you hilariously supported me in my time of doll-horror when I unearthed a box in the collection of nothing but heads and arms and shit. Because maybe my grandma was Dexter? Or maybe she is laughing at me from the afterlife? Anyway, I’m now selling the good dolls on eBay. It’s my first time with this online auction rodeo, and I’d love any advice from Jezzie pros. I’m just listing things 10 at a time because, well, I have a shit ton of dolls to go through. Here’s my seller page — any tips will be so welcome!!


I listed them YESTERDAY, and I had my first sale this morning!! It was pretty encouraging. Now I just hope the nice lady gives me positive feedback. Cross your fingers for me, gang!

I mean, honestly? I just need these things out of my house. THEY ARE WATCHING ME WHILE I SLEEP.

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