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Dolly Parton in 'Straight Talk' is the Greatest Performance by An Actress of All Time. Ever.

I'm just sayin', first of all:

This is totally like, one of my favorite songs of all times.

If you have not seen Straight Talk, aka one of the best movies ever in the history of time, here is the trailer.

The very fact that Ms. Parton, portraying Shirlee Kenyon, was denied an Oscar for this film is a testament to how Hollywood does not reward true artistic depth. Basically, in this movie. Dolly leaves her small town life to make it in the 'big city' of Chicago. And then when she gets there, she is mistaken for a relationship expert. That shit happens to me all the time! Anyway, Dolly becomes famous by giving people 'straight talk' about their lives and loves and stuff (that may be where they got the title from). This movie is a parable for all our lives, for real.


James Woods is her love interest. They are like the acid-washed jean jacket version of Bogie and Bacall. But don't take my word for it. You can watch the whole movie for free on YouTube right now.

Anyway, it's a good song and a very important movie that will help you in your life, especially if someone has recently mistaken you for a relationship expert and made you a famous star on the radio.

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