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I am an occasional fan of @midnight. It can be entertaining, depending on the comedians they have on and the topics discussed.

Today, they are discussing the Met Gala. Fine, I get that people who aren’t into fashion as art won’t see why some of us actually love Sarah Jessica Parker’s head piece. Not everyone is going to love looking at wildly impractical garments and trying to figure out what a designer’s vision is. They’re going to make fun of it. Whatever.

Anyone who has Twitter is probably already familiar with Rihanna’s dress. If you’re not, it was essentially a modern day Beauty and the Beast art piece.


Her yellow train spawned a meme.


Many, many Rihanna as an omelette pictures show up if you google “Rihanna Met Gala Egg.” Again, whatever, fine, high fashion is often mockable. @midnight took it a step further.

“You can bet Chris Brown is the one beating those eggs.”



Mock a woman’s outfit when the entire point of the the event she is at is her outfit. I get it. You’re asking for it. But using a horrific moment in her life, her very public assault at the hands of her boyfriend, into the butt of a joke to make fun of her outfit? No. Not okay.


You can argue that Chris Brown is meant to be the butt of the joke. That he is the one the joke is aimed at, not Rihanna. But the entire premise of this joke is “we want to mock Rihanna’s outfit.” Chris Brown is collateral damage. @midnight is trying to make a joke out of Rihanna’s assault. There is no way around this. You can say her abuser is the “real” target, you can argue that Chris Hardwick, the host of @midnight, isn’t intending for people to laugh at the violence, just the general notion that Brown is an abusive man.

You’re making fun of a woman’s outfit, and using her assault to do so.

No. I do not accept this as humor.

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