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Welcome To The Bitchery

***Domestic violence warning*** The Bible helped me to stop beating my wife!

Good job, Troy!* (*NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED.) I stumbled upon the April 2013 issue of the Awake! magazine and I haven't looked at one since I disassociated myself from Jehovah's Witnesses ~six years ago, and ooooh boy. "An End to Domestic Violence" caught my eye. I am fucking piiiiiissed. They interviewed a married couple, Valerie & Troy, (Troy: "Once I pistol-whipped Valerie. On another occasion, I beat her so badly that I thought I had killed her. Then, I tried to frighten her by threatening to kill our son while holding a knife to his throat.") Basically they talk about how bad Troy was and how he is so different now that the Bible told him that his behavior was fucked up. (Paraphrasing.) AND THEN. Valerie says, "I am glad that I did not throw my marriage away, because we have been blessed with a good relationship now." Also, adultery is the only biblical standard for getting a divorce. Am I being a dick or is this shit fucked.


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