The Free Minds Book Club is an organization that works with incarcerated youth in the DC area. The idea is that teenagers (mostly male, mostly POC) who are charged with certain crimes are often charged as adults and given long sentences. What often happens is that they're kept in a juvenile jail in DC until they turn 18, and then sent off to a federal prison somewhere else in America, since DC doesn't have any long-term prisons. The Free Minds Book Club meets with them regularly while they're still in DC and keeps in touch with them through correspondence when they are transferred, giving them access to a community network that never stops sending regular books and letters.

Another thing the organization does is hold poetry-writing workshops and publish a book of the inmates' poetry. Volunteers have the opportunity to give handwritten support and feedback on the poetry at regularly scheduled Write Night events in DC, which you should check out if you live nearby! (The next one is on June 24th. I've been to one and it was really worthwhile.)

Today nonprofit organizations are holding a sort of 24-hour fundraising competition—it's called Do More 24. If anyone is interested in donating to the Free Minds Book Club or any other organization, go here!


If you can't donate, please consider sharing the links around! Free Minds Book Club also has a Facebook and a Twitter.


ETA: You should go on the website and read some of the poetry on there—it's amazing.