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Don’t Call Me “Mom”

I really really fucking hate it when men do this.

We have a big performance coming up this Saturday night for my dance troupe. We’ve been working towards this for 4 months. I am also marginally involved with helping to organise the event - I was much more so in past years so I’m still fielding a bunch of last minute emails because the people organizing are massively disorganized (and people know that I am not)


Also, Today is exam day for my classes (which for us means a 12 hour day since we have to invigilate them ourselves - I am on one of my precious 45 min breaks). Right after this I have a final 2 hour practice for said performance on Saturday.

Suffice to say, I am really fucking stressed out and exhausted from end of term.


So I send my dance partner a message during my previous break from the exam room asking him to please be on time today, because he is regularly 10-15 min late.

To which he replied “yes Mama” ...

And I somewhat lost my shit (I his eyes ) by responding “don’t call me “mom”, you’re late on the regular. Also it’s messed up because we’re partner , ie equals.”


Which prompted his response “Jesus, it was a joke ...”

*insert internal screaming gif here*

The dude schtick is often to act like my little brother , and I usually just respond to that behaviour by staring at him. I used my words this time because OMFG it’s obnoxious.


I warned him a few days ago that I would be super stressed out today (and possibly cry for no discernible reason at practice , just out of sheer exhaustion because I know myself)

After a few back and forths, I ended with “but being already stressed out, with the prospect that you might be late (which also stresses me out), and then you calling me Mom... I get the joke, but it’s still kinda shitty...Anyway...” which he didn’t respond to and now I’m all in my head worrying that practice tonight is going to be super awkward and I’ll cry out of the sheer awkwardness.


I’m going to be really happy in a week when all this is over .

Thanks for reading my stressed out rambling

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