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Donald Trump could reverse cuts to arts, poor and elderly if he stopped staying at Mar-a-Lago, figures show

The National Endowment for the Arts, which encourages participation in the arts ($152 million), the US Interagency Council on Homelessness ($4 million), an independent agency coordinating the federal government’s efforts to reduce homelessness, the Senior Community Service Employment Program ($434 million), which has helped more than one million people 55 and older find jobs and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars ($11 million), providing scholarships and fellowships in social sciences and humanities, are all facing the axe in Mr Trump’s budget.

This amounts to a total of $597 million (£483 million). According to CBS News, the President spent every weekend of his first 33 days in office at the Palm Beach estate - for which security is estimated to have cost $10 million (£8.1 million).

American taxpayers must foot a bill of more than $3 million (£2.4 million) each time he travels there, rather than staying at the official presidential residence of the White House — amounting to $600 million over the four years.


Full article here. And isn’t $3 million a meager estimate of Trump’s expenses? Last I heard it was costing $7-10 million per visit? This also doesn’t cover the expenses for his adult children to parade around the world in order to enrich their family even more. Or his wife wanting to stay in New York to avoid him.

Want to know how Trump fans are justifying this? “Ahh we don’t need arts. They can pay for themselves!” But their millionaire president needs a vacation every weekend, and taxpayers should absolutely pay for it. Same people ok with Trump pretending to live like a bachelor every weekend were the ones demonizing Obama for vacationing with his family around the holidays.

Saw one person today say that most elderly don’t even use the meals on wheels food, and are just wanting someone to visit them. Even if that’s true (and it fucking is not)...it’s still heartless to take away. Fuckers just keep trying to invent villains where there are none. Only villains here are the deplorables.

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