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Today’s reminder that people are still doing good in the world comes from Cristal Logothetis, a California mother and small business-owner who started a charity that has been successful beyond her dreams. Carry the Future started as an idea. Cristal Logothetis, like much of the world, was horrified by pictures of Alan Kurdi, the three year old boy who died and washed up onto a Turkish beach during his family’s attempt to reach Europe. A former undocumented immigrant herself, Logothetis wondered what she could do to help.

During her research, she noticed over and over again families carrying their young children with difficulty on the long trek, often by foot. One simple idea struck her - what if she could donate carriers, so families could walk more safely and easily?


The idea went viral. Logothetis started off with a goal of 100 baby carriers,and $2,500 to fund the trip, during which she would distribute the carriers on the Greek island of Kos, a common entry point for Syrian refugees into Europe. Logothetis had family who lived on the island, who were willing to help distribute the carriers to families in need.

Since the start of her campaign, Logothetis’s charity has been featured on the Today Show, the LA Times, and other news outlets. The response has been overwhelming. She has now collected over 2,000 carriers and over $85,000 from her IndieGoGo site. Carry the Future has expanded its operations, and now provides family relief packs to refugee families as well, which include things like sanitary napkins, waterproof solar blankets, baby food, diapers, batteryless flashlights, and emergency sleeping bags.

If you would like to donate a used baby carrier or sponsor a relief pack, you can find more information here.

Just a reminder that ordinary people can, and do save the world, and that human love and kindness is not dead. It will grow, if we fight for it.


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