Hey guise, my friend Kunga Dondrup, who lives in Nepal, has set up a Facebook group so that friends of his can make donations directly to him. He and a small group of people have been buying shelter and medical supplies with their own money to deliver to two villages that have received no official relief so far:

A group of us ( now nearly 50 ), have formed a collective to deliver essential food, blankets, tarpaulins and medical necessities - particularly anti diarrhea medicine.

We identified two villages (the largest is Pokharikhola)about 35km from Kathmandu which have received nothing and we already have been buying supplies from our own funds, but it is not enough. There are approximately 600 residents.

If you would like to send money directly to him and his collective, please email me at strangerbirdvintage at gmail and I can give you the information to send funds via Western Union. I’ve known him for fifteen years and can vouch that he really is using any donations for aiding earthquake survivors.

Kunga also happens to be part of the most astounding coincidence of my life. I met him when we were both students at a language school for foreigners in Tuscany. He was there to pick up some Italian before moving to Rome to study for the Catholic priesthood. We stayed in desultory communication for several years afterwards, during which I graduated from university in Scotland and moved to Georgia. In the meantime, Facebook became a thing, through which I discovered that my landlord in Georgia was good friends with Kunga, who had unbeknownst to me moved to Nepal and become a monk.

Anyway, if this kind of soliciting/fundraising is not OK, someone please let me know and I will take this post down. I had been wondering if there was a way to donate directly as I’ve heard donations to official aid groups are being circumvented through the Nepali government and delayed/mismanaged, so thought other people might want this info as well. Here is a cute kitten to thank you for reading this.