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Donation Opportunity (and you get something out of it!)

Since I quit my job in the summer, I’ve had to limit my charitable donations so my compromise was that I would at least donate time - so, I’ve spent some time, and I have some items to raise money! I am sad about hurricanes, so I’m selling a few things where the proceeds benefit the Texas SPCA and Unidos (a relief fund for Puerto Rico in conjunction with the Hispanic Federation).

I’ve got an original and prints of a gouache piece of the state of Texas, as well as prints of a watercolor palm tree for Unidos (the original already sold).


If the thumbnails aren’t showing up, here are the two images (more specific info in the links).


These are pretty different from my regular stuff (if you’re interested you can click around the website) but I thought they’d be on theme and generally pleasing, ha! So, think about some early holiday gifts or whatever for a good cause.

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