My husband and I just spent the past several hours playing Donkey Kong Country. We finally got past Mine Cart Carnage! And then a couple of levels further to get to the next save point.

It took me way back to when I was a little kid and my dad played it all the time with us. He was super excited about it and got it on release day.

I remember in one of the mine cart levels, could have been that one or could have been a different one, he had been trying to beat it all day, and then as soon as I walked in from coming home from school, he beat it and said I gave him good luck.

We played all of the Donkey Kong Country games in my family and we even named our budgie after Squawks.


My husband says his first experience with the Donkey Kong Country series was with the handheld. There wasn't really a video game that they played together as a family and he really got into them himself. Us playing together is partially for him to experience the originals for the first time, for me to work on my platformer skills, and for us to enjoy it together.

What video game did you play as a kid- particularly with your family- that you have a lot of nostalgia for? Have you revisited it, and how did it stand up to the test of time? I'm finding Donkey Kong Country to be still pretty challenging for me and I love falling in love with the animal friends all over again!

Off to bed with me- when I wake up I'll be 24!