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Donna Brazile Please I Beg You Stop Feeding The Dotard

I had a relatively nice day. We went to a McDonalds I have not been to in years and had two McChickens and a Small Chocolate Shake. We split it. Do they use different recipes? The McDs I always go to puts on far less mayonaise (or whatever it is) then this place. Different recipes or procedures? It was way too much mayo.

So we hit a thrift shop also and before McDs an antique shop I have not been to in years. We tend not to go in this direction and my mother wanted to take a ride.


So after the grocery store which was after the thrift shop we go home. I take out GF and BF to pee and poop outside. My mother put away the groceries. It was one bag of three items. Our refridge is full. Plus we also hit two grocery stores Thursday and one Friday. Oh we bought nothing Friday at grocery store.

Where was I? When I bring in GF and BF they ran to my mother for supper. They believe when we get home means supper time.


So I turn on the tv. When we left I was watching Smerconish so the tv came on to CNN. What did I see?

Donna Brazile wanted to swap out Hillary Clinton for VP Joe Biden.

Thank you Donna for giving Trump another set of tweets calling Hillary crooked. Please say no more. This may cost democrats Virginia and NJ next week. All this will do is cause further division in the party and animosity. Animosity by Hillary supporters for making Hillary look bad, Bernie supporters who will believe.Hillary stole it from Bernie.


My fear is some Bernie voters will sit out next week believing the party is rigged and Hillary would be nominee no matter what.

Donna Brazile may also by saying this may in fact trigger a DOJ investigation.

Also I remember when Brazile was fired from CNN for providing their questions to the Hillary camp. How did she go from total support for Hillary to completely attacking Hillary after the election? I recall before she took over the DNC what a supporter she was of Hillary.

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