I was watching Nicole Wallace on MSNBC and one guest on her panel was Donnie Deutch.

He made an interestng comment about why Trump defended Porter. Deutch said he said what he said due to some in his base. A group who dislike the MeToo movement and think what Porter did was not a big deal.

That would have shocked me but for a flashback I had. Remember (was groupthink around?) when Chris Brown beat Rihanna. I remember Brown not only had supporters who were male but also young female supporters who believed Rihanna may have done or said something, essentially blaming the victim.

You would think all young people would be the first to denounce Brown. Nope. My conclusion then and now is these a) young people believed DV is acceptable depending on the woman’s action and b) their opinion of his music was more important.


Now 9 years later what do we see a President and Chief of Staff who are sending the message domestic violence is not that important to their job, similar to defenders of Brown. If that argument resonated with some of Brown’s supporters it should go over with many Fox News viewers today.

Also blaming the victim of domestic violence saying its her fault if she is hit. Well in American literature that’s quite common, Margeret Mitchell’s Rhett Butler hit Scarlett O’Hara. I do not recall Rhett ever condemned. In my mothers generation when she was young cops believed a “man’s home was a castle” (serious) that domestic violence was something they avoided (40s and 50s I assume it went on like this through the 60s).

I think Donnie is right I think Trump has no regard for women and truly cares less but knows many of his base believe the mentality that MeToo is overblown and women often deserve being victims of DV.


Here is an article I found in which Brown supporters rallied to his base. Not all in the article but enough that its very troubling.