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Don't be distracted by his idiocy

Trump tweeted this today

At first it was misspelled. I’ll admit, I laughed.

Here’s what I think is happening...he’s starting to sell his Chinese war to the American people. I’ve already seen it in his fans. To see his real fans you need to go to their subreddits or Fox News comments sections. I know, that’s horrible. But it’s true. The majority of the pro-Trump tweeters are bots trying to sell ‘Liberal Tears’ merch, or programmed to deflect any negativity back to Hillary or Obama. I think this is important to note, because people don’t realize how widespread the bot problem is. You may have had an infuriating conversation with a bot without even realizing it.


What I’m seeing from his real fans is a complete memory lapse. They see this tweet as Trump-the-alpha-hero shouting down ebil Chinese thieves. They have already forgotten his antagonizing calls with Taiwan. This is dangerous. Fox and Breitbart are only talking about the liberal reaction to the Taiwan call, not the actual call itself. So to his fans, this is Trump being a hero. Not Trump being a bully and starting shit.

In my opinion, this is Russia. I don’t know if Russia is directly telling Trump to do this, or if there are people within his scope egging him on. Either way, it’s dangerous and I’m scared.

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