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I'm trying to get back into the dating pool (it's a brief moment of insanity.) And all these men I don't know send me emails that include:

Honey, sweetie, sweets, baby, sexygirl, sexy, babe, and the worst: babygirl.

Jezebelians, why? Why do men think this is ok/endearing/alluring? I am a middle-aged fat, ugly academic. Don't fucking call me babygirl. I want to punch your lights out.


After we know each other a while and you want to call me your little peach cobbler, ok. Maybe. But I cannot imagine that any woman over the age of 18 likes being called these names by some dude she doesn't know at all, and would find this attractive.

I sent one guy a note that said "Please don't call me baby or honey or sweetie. It's a huge turn-off." And he said "It's an endearment, why would it turn you off? Lighten up." DO NOT TELL ME TO LIGHTEN UP. That always makes things worse.

Please give me an intelligent reply so that these men may actually reconsider their words. It probably won't happen.

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