I was driving behind a school bus today on my way back home from a long day of work on a road that was pretty backed up. A middle-school or late-elementary aged girl in the back of the bus waved to me. I was all, "That's cute, I'll wave back!" because that happened to me the day before, too, with adorable results. But then she gave me the finger, so my first instinct was to give her the finger back. Then she got the attention of her friends, pulled out her iPhone to take a photo or video, and then they proceeded to wave to me and give me the finger for another 3 or so minutes before the bus turned into another street. I ignored them because I already felt guilty for giving a kid the finger (would you feel bad?), plus I felt pretty annoyed. I mean, if you're going to act like a little shit, then I suppose I'll act like one back to you. MEH.