I need advice. So if you'll all remember I recently opened up about this (TW sexual assault) and tonight my husband turns to me and says "You know who I've been thinking a lot about lately? Phil and Chuck." I admitted I had been thinking about them too but didn't go into anymore detail. He told me he wants to invite them over to our house this summer, to meet the peep, to catch up. It's been a long time. This makes me want to hypervenilate. It's not so much that I'm traumatized by the past experience (I mean I may be but I'm pretty sure I could handle seeing them again), it's that I don't want to tell my husband what happened if they are going to continue to be in our lives. I would NOT want a confrontation and this would change his opinion of his friends forever. Do they deserve to get off the hook for what happened? No definitely not. But I see rehashing this as something that will be really painful for me. Or worse. So I don't know what would you all do?

ETA: I need to go to bed now. Thanks for everything. I will respond in the morning. <3