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People. The new version of Kinja has fixed a whole lot of the problems of the old version, but it only works if regular commenters DON'T FEED THE TROLLS (yes, I'm yelling. It's that important).

I know it can be hard not to. I know how often they're particularly stupid or funny, and how often they spout bullshit that's easily refuted. But all you do when you feed them is give them exactly what they want—higher placement in the comment section and hundreds if not thousands more views for their misogynistic bullshit. When you respond to trolls, they win. It's that simple.

For an example of exactly how this works, check out the post on Obama visiting Planned Parenthood. The top thread, the first thing every person who clicks on that link sees, is filled with incredibly hateful forced-birth bullshit, and it's entirely because a couple of Jez regulars thought it would be fun to "play with" the troll who made the original post. That kind of fun not only encourages trolls, it makes the site a much less friendly place for the rest of us, and it spreads the exact propaganda you're trying to argue against.


Don't fuck up Jez for the rest of us. Don't give trolls a platform. Ignoring them is the best thing you can do (and as a bonus, it makes them crazier than any reply you could make).

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