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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Don't forget to call your good representatives!

With all the focus on calling and urging people to DO THE RIGHT GODDAMN THING, don’t forget to call the Senators and Representatives, who are currently working their butts off. I just called my rep, Don Beyer, who is fucking KILLING it re: the Muslim Ban, to thank him for what he’s doing. They’re humans just like us and I think it’s really important to remind them that we are fighting with them.

ALSO, if you’re a constituent of Sens Collins (ME) or Murkowsi (AK), please call to thank them. Regardless of what happens with Betsy DeVoss’ nomination, they took a significant political risk by opposing her, and we now know that there are two GOP senators who at least can draw the line somewhere. True, we shouldn’t be handing out cookies, but for now at least it may be politically necessary.


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