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Welcome To The Bitchery

FluterDog’s offline name was Holly, and my Christmas card this year was supposed to have been a version of this photo. (Likely the dog looking less angry that her sister was about to steal her treat, and probably not with our ugly apartment kitchen as the background.) The card was going to read “HAPPY HOLLYDAYS”

I miss this face so hard.
I miss this face so hard.

I don’t know why I didn’t plan this before the dog was ten, but here we are. It’s not happening this year for obvious reasons, one of which includes the way I cried when I found this photo again to share here.

Last Christmas was in the middle of an especially hellish semester, at the end of a particularly hellish five year stint in Kansas, and in that awkward part of marriage counseling where things get worse before they get better. Needless to say, last Christmas was kind of a bust ... but most of those things are over, this year is better, and I’m ready to overdo it to make up for lost time.

Anyway, I was driving home from my gig this morning and thought about holidays, and started thinking about holiday cards. Do you guys do the DIY card thing? What would you do that could make use of my remaining - and adorable - dog? Bonus points for a catchy pun or wit laden tag to put over it.

In the running:
SANTA PAWS IS COMING: FluterPup in Santa costume
HAPPY HOWL A DAYS: FluterPup being a spazz. Holiday scarf optional?
FELIZ NAVI DOG? I just stole this from Pinterest.
I LOVE this one, but need a second dog.


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