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Don't let anyone try to convince you we are failing

even if Ossoff ends up losing his runoff in June. While it matters in a concrete sense whether we gain a seat or not in the House, there are bigger things at play and we have to pay attention to patterns failing.

I’ve about had it with negativity about resistance. Can you tell? I feel like every other thing I see (particularly in a circle of white men) is someone talking about how shitty Democrats* are at voting and how protesting and calling doesn’t work** or how the Democratic party will never be in power again until oppressed groups stop being meanie-weenies and just learn to understand the Trump voter’s hatred!***

Anyway, let’s think about this election and the recent one in Kansas. From the New Yorker, regarding Ossoff’s victory/not victory yesterday:

But, if Democrats continue to do better than expected in special elections in conservative districts, it will likely mean that more talented liberals will run for office, and fewer talented conservatives.


James Thompson almost won in a district about as deep red as you get. Jon Ossoff almost won in a district not quite THAT red but solidly red. These weren’t supposed to be close elections. They weren’t supposed to be swing elections. Both districts are gerrymandered to all fuck by Republicans, including some nice voter suppression efforts in Georgia, and yet, here we are.

Did we pick up a seat with Thompson? No. Will we pick one up with Ossoff? Don’t know. But what I do know is that the momentum can only be helpful. If this is happening in red districts, what’s going to happen in swing districts? 

Don’t lose hope if Ossoff loses. Shed a tear, put your head down, and look for the next race. Don’t let the media or anyone else tell you that this race is a referendum on our movement. Don’t let someone shit on the parade.

*Historically, we are. Except discounting the higher levels of Democratic turnout than normal and serious level of engagement in these past two races, anyone touting that as The Great Predictor of Outcomes is not considering our extenuating circumstances.


**It does work. People who are impatient with the results don’t understand exactly how capable the system is of steamrolling us more than it is.

***Fuck those people.

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