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Don't let terrorists paint themselves as victims

There’s another post about the incel who murdered a group of mostly women below this, but I wanted to make another one to say something. For those unfamiliar, here’s a link about the story.

The post references the “Incel Rebellion,” with “Incel” meaning “involuntary celibate,” or slang from an online community who hate women and advocate for sexual violence against them as revenge for them not wanting to have sex. The post also mentioned Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in 2014 near the University of California at Santa Barbara, out of a hatred of women and those who had rejected him.

Most of the men who commit these crimes or get involved with this terrorist cell have never even talked to women.


THIS IS NOT ABOUT SEX. This is not about rejection. That is the message they’re selling you. It’s how they make themselves out to be victims while also raping and murdering women. It’s their justification. Cause they know enough to know that people will feel sorry for them for not getting laid. Because it’s so ingrained in our culture that a woman’s only function is pleasing men sexually. So much so that we’re sad when a man is denied it. That’s the basis for how they blame every ill of society on women. And that’s their reasoning for why women should have no rights.

Here’s what incels do. This isn’t a person who is sad they don’t have a girlfriend. That’s a person who hates women and wants to torture them.

This is incels -


One of the tweets -

Incels often play out violent fantasies online. People who report on the community, like @DavidFutrelle, have been trying to warn us that more incels will turn those fantasies into reality. Even now they’re talking about acid attacks & mass rapes.


Incels aren’t victims.

Here they are talking about how they should all rape women because the odds of them seeing jail time for it is slim.


Here they are talking about how women love being beaten up.

Here they are talking about how all women should be literal sex slaves, and that it’d be beneficial to society.


They sit around all day pumping each other up. They dehumanize women as a hobby. And now we’re seeing the fruits of their online rage - real world acts. It was always meant to end up hurting women IRL. But no one takes hatred against women seriously.

I didn’t see too much of it here, but in other places there’s such a huge push to sympathize with these guys. Don’t. Even if they got laid, they’d still hate women.

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