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I am ashamed to admit that I was sucked into the Internet void researching BPD. Specifically romantic relationships and the disorder. I landed on a blog post around whether someone with BPD can "sustain" a relationship. I read through the entire post and all the comments, all left by two types, incredibly hurt/angry "non" BPD people, and frustrated, angry or sad people with BPD. It was fucking depressing as hell. I finished reading and then decided to check out the blog in whole, and was met with this post about the Blurred Lines parody:

Damaged women flaunt their red flags. You would do well to take notice. They are so blinded by rage, they can not see their own rage.

Listen to the lyrics. They are looking for men to emasculate and humiliate. They feel entitled to such mistreatment of men. They have spent a life time looking for justification.

These women are not looking for equality, they are looking for revenge. Look into their past and I guarantee you will find a history of (emotional, sexual or physical) abuse.

The cycle of abuse continues. Do not let the “feminist” label fool you, these women were taught well by their abusive parents. Stay clear and avoid at all costs.


So, basically this dude is an idiot. Something interesting I noticed and I don't believe can be brushed aside is that because most people with BPD are women, those who have had to deal with the disorder in a romantic setting have been men. And we know how absolutely lovely bitter, hurt, pissed off men are post-bad breakup.

I'm going to have to talk about my boyfriend and the possibility that he has the disorder in another post at some point, because I'm reeling and freaking out. And I'm so incredibly tired. And sad.

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