When I got to work last night, a coworker (and friend) of mine told me that another coworker got fired last night. I was happy. This coworker (let us call her Gwenivere) was one of the worst servers I've ever seen and her attitude was shitty.

Another coworker (and also a friend) overheard us and asked (rather snippily) why I'd be happy about someone losing their livelihood. I answered that I wasn't necessarily happy that she lost her livelihood but I had zero sympathy for anyone that lies on their job application about what experience they have and then dishes out major attitude when you try to help them.

That's exactly what Gwenivere did; she lied and said that she had serving experience for at least a year and then told various people she made it up. She was a hostess or a busser or something at her former place of employment. As shitty as that is, all probably could have been forgiven except Gwenivere just KNEW she knew more about serving than, say, someone who's actually a server and would get defensive about it when one of us would try to help her.

Case in point: She worked the lounge a lot. I think this was because there is usually two other servers and three bartenders that could watch over her tables when she crashed and burned, which happened quite often. And if we suggested "Hey Gwen, to help consolidate your steps, you should do a table touch with each of your tables before going back into the kitchen" we always got:
Gwenivere, defensively: "Whatever. I know what I'm doing."
Top Server Trainer: "Gwen, your table's salads came out on top of their appetizers. In the future, you should try spacing that out so they can enjoy eating and don't feel rushed."
Gwenivere, defensively: "It's my table. I know what I'm doing."
Bartender: "Gwen! What is a bourbon martini straight up on the rocks?"
Gwenivere: "It's what they said."
Bartender: "I guarantee that's not what they said. And even if they did, you should know from that cheat sheet I gave you to clarify one or the other."
Gwenivere, defensively: "I know what I'm doing."
Me: "Gwenivere! Why are you ordering a frozen Bloody Mary?"
Gwenivere, defensively: "It's on the menu."
Me: "No, it's not! We have never sold them and no place I know has a frozen tomato juice, horseradish and vodka slushy."
And she gets defensive. Again. That's exactly what got her fired.

This is what happened: There was a large party, 26 people, that Gwenivere's splitting with another coworker (I have no idea why she was allowed to do this. She can barely handle three tables of two.) Their entrees come out and the other coworker (let's call her Maid Marian) is called over by a woman in the party who tells her that her food isn't what she ordered. Maid Marian apologizes and asks what she originally ordered and the woman says that this was actually a "second meal"; we sold out of what she really wanted and she went with her second choice. But the food that came out was not her second choice.
Maid Marian calls Gwenivere over and Gwenivere loses her shit. She starts yelling at the lady "THIS IS WHAT YOU ORDERED! I GOT IT RIGHT!" Maid Marian tells her to calm down and Gwenivere screams at her "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! I GOT IT RIGHT!! I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!"
This was all on the dining room floor by the way. Maid Marian told Gwenivere to go take a walk while she figured things out. While Gwen was gone, one of the men from the party told Maid Marian that the party was actually a memorial. Two of their family members had died. So the family, who was actually much, much, much nicer about the whole ordeal than they could or needed to be, didn't want Gwenivere by them anymore. After everything was said and done, she got fired.

That's it. Don't lie on your job application.