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Don't make people say their weaknesses in an interview!

We did some interviewing this morning, and my supervisor's favorite question to ask the candidates was, "What is one of your biggest weaknesses?" Goddammit, seriously?

1. I don't see the point of trying to trap people while they are interviewing. If they have the positive characteristics we are looking for, why do we need to go over their weaknesses?

2. No one is going to tell us a weakness that would actually be relevant to the job we're hiring for, because duh. So you'll just spend some time on some bullshit, yet force these people to disparage their own character in front of you. Either that, or you'll get something backhanded and shitty, "I just care TOO MUCH about work!"


3. There's literally no good answer to it, and you know it, supervisor! You KNOW that.

[I have some leftover anxiety from being unemployed YEARS ago and having nerve-racking interview after nerve-racking interview]

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