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"Don't take it personally."

Don’t take it personally is terrible work advice. Like many of you my job is an important part of my life. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a workaholic, it is an important part of my life. It is part of my identity, for better or worse.

We spend enormous chunks of our time at work. A place where we give what we can, where we are vulnerable and attempt to grow. Not just for ourselves but for our employer. It is inherently personal because it is us, ourselves, that is putting that energy and emotion in. It should be.


Although I understand the positive understatement in “Don’t take it personally”. Where we try to comfort the person in question that whichever setback they are experiencing, it is not a reflection on them as a person. Yet I agree with the writer of the article that it is advice that alienates people, more often than not, from their actions and experiences. A dangerous and isolating sentence to say, in some settings.

I thought maybe some of you might enjoy this read :)


An excerpt from the article :

Don’t overly introject this as a failure that is a representation of your value and worth as a person. Your life and your career are not defined by this. But do be disappointed. Do be frustrated. Do seek to understand what happened. Do seek to know if you could develop your management and leadership. Do seek to learn from this experience.

But please, please don’t drop that soul-crushing curtain of “it’s not personal.”

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