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Don't Touch My Daughter!!! UPDATED

Guys, it’s the middle of the fucking night. My 24 year old daughter just woke me up (we live together) crying that her very drunk boyfriend tried to hit her. I had to wake his passed out ass up and remove him from my home. My daughter is drunk too and worried about him. He’s wasted, curled up in the fetal position crying in my yard. And I have to leave for work in 5 hours.

I won’t respond, because I need my sleep, but please let the Gods help me!

ETA: Everything is quiet on the home front! Thank you all for your love and advice!


So, this morning I left for work early, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I guess I should have looked closer. This kid trashed our backyard, and then apparently slept in my daughter’s car. Trashed the inside of the car, too.

Later, I found out from a close neighbor that there were cops at my daughter’s car at 4am, about two hours after our last interaction. I can only guess that another neighbor called about a passed out person on the sidewalk.


On the positive side, my daughter is not seeing him again. She is doing a little “But what if?” But realizes that this is a huge red flag and it’s time to ditch this asswipe.

Thanks again GT! You guys are the best!

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