...because we will destroy you like so many innocent little puppies:

The BARC rep said, “It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when Girls was still a thing 4 years ago.”


Thanks to Burt/RebeccaRose for raising awareness of this sick burn.

I may edit this with a more detailed speculation on the situation tomorrow.


I’ve seen firsthand rescues that lie about a dog’s history and behavior in order to get it adopted, sometimes *just short* of hiding a history of biting. I’ve also seen original owners and and adopters lie about a dog’s behaviors - again, usually trying to hide aggression, but sometimes, rarely, exaggerating and embellishing behavior problems so they won’t be judged as harshly for giving up the dog. Both rescues and adopters are frequently guilty of imagining elaborate, tragic backstories for animals they have no background on. I once had the same person surrender two separate dogs to our shelter, in two weeks, both of which had been adopted from other small rescues, one adopted right after the other was surrendered. What she described as the dogs lunging and being crazy, unmanageable, and aggressive was normal puppy behavior - pulling on the leash and generally being overexcited by everything. This is why Lena’s story being drastically different from the shelter’s rubs me the wrong way. It raises my suspicion, big time.


I don’t follow her on instagram or...anywhere, actually, but the photos google has given me of Lamby show a LOT of what we call “whale eye” - an expression of anxiety and fear where the whites of the dog’s eyes are showing. I don’t see any blatant body language that makes me think she just didn’t know how to act around a dog. It’s worth noting that animal professionals, especially in shelters, both consciously and subconsciously manage animals’ behavior in ways that most dog lovers do not, in everything from our body language to the procedures we use to feed and clean.

Some dogs, neurologically, are born with biting problems, without any history of abuse or mistreatment - they think for some dogs it’s possibly a type of epilepsy and they essentially have a seizure, except instead of electrical misfiring causing full-body shaking, it causes the dog to literally snap and start biting. Like seizures, this can be triggered by an overstimulating environment and overexcitement.


It does sound like she tried to remedy his behavior with medication and trainers, but in the end, she probably just was not the right owner with the right lifestyle for him. How things went from Lamby visiting every greenroom, set, and photoshoot for years to being too much to handle, we’ll never know. But, I’m inclined to believe the shelter in this case. though there are others I wouldn’t trust to be honest adopting out a goldfish.