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Don't wear skirts in Georgia

Just in time for Too Disgustingly Hot And Humid To Contemplate Pants season, news that the Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that invasion of privacy laws do not apply to secretly taking photos up women’s skirts in public (the laws do still apply to bathrooms, dressing rooms, and similar areas where there is an expectation of privacy, because apparently we don’t have an expectation of privacy under our clothes?).

As far as I can see in what I’ve read online, the judges’ issue was with the wording of the law, and lawmakers do plan to change it. But it has been put off until the next legislative session in early 2017!

So remember:

Until then, women in Georgia should be extra aware of their surroundings while wearing a skirt or dress in public.


Women, be hyper-vigilant of possible sexual assault at all times, or it’s your fault!

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