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Teaching with man-who-thinks-he’s-qualified-when-really-is-not (aka Dood) is lesson in why you shouldn’t give someone a seminar just cause they can recruit people for an initial workshop.



So in no particular order, here is a list of stupid shit from yesterday

- Dood shows up for planning session totally out of it. He takes medication that has a side effect that makes him totally out of it, sleepy, and woozy and for some reason, he took it right before coming to our planning session for the class. (Plus he drove to the seminar all wonked out...awesome judgement)*

- As we start planning, after talking at length for weeks about making a video, he feels too zonked out and tired to do it, so he decides that we’ll have to scrap it.

- During class, it becomes increasingly clear to him that I am much better at teaching and the material than him. Which means he’s threatened and thus has to insert himself into the lesson by any means necessary. What he chooses to do is to criticize students individually in front of the whole class (“Lisa, you’ve structured this thing like this, do it like this”, “Clark you did it like this, don’t do it, do it like that) when THE WHOLE POINT IS THAT STUDENTS ARE FREE TO INTERPRET AND DO SHIT HOW THEY WANT (he himself has espouse this in front of students that its important and to management). The things he criticised are a matter of opinion. It’s increasingly clear why students are dropping off (who the fuck whats to be called out in front of people for the things they are doing wrong in any context? And especially for something extracurricular).


- We go out for drinks afterwards as a group. He ends up leaving before me, and as he is leaving, even though the people left are mostly NOT people that were in the seminar (other friends and significant others joined us) he says loudly “Have fun, and don’t listen to anything Tractor-Gal says! hahaha”. WTF DOOD?!?!? Aggressive much? Oh, tractor-gal with her skills and logic is going to poison people of my amazing teaching. And the people left ARE NOT OUR STUDENTS. You fucking said that to undermine me to others. Go to hell.

If shit doesn’t change fast, then I’m out. I am so done with dealing with Doods.


* I don’t want to shame someone for their medication, but I’m trying hard to figure out why he would have to take his medication RIGHT BEFORE going to teach a class. I know that he has anxiety issues and ADHD, but maybe someone with similar issues knows why he needed to take it right before? I’ve had anxiety as well as an offshoot of my depression, and in the days where I took stuff that zonked me during the day, I would take it early in the morning or the evening before bed. Also, wtf driving after taking something with these kinds of side effects?

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