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Doods are the Worst Part 2: My Ex has a new girlfriend

They’ve been together about 2 months. We broke up 3 months ago. We were on the verge of living together when he ended it suddenly.

I had a suspicion he might have met someone else (not in a cheating kind of way but in a “this person is interesting I’m questioning my relationship” kinda way) which was (perhaps) the catalyst of our breakup but I had hoped not. I mean, *maybe* they only met after but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Fuck man, it hurts when you were COMPLETELY WRECKED by a breakup for months now finally three months later you’re starting to feel like a person again, the other person was off dating someone else almost the whole time. It was like a gut punch finding out.


And I know it shouldn’t matter, but she’s basically 10 years younger than when the reason for the break up is “you’re too much for me”, I can’t help but feel replaced by a younger, “less complicated” woman - it has certainly happened before. And yes this is totally my shit (feeling too much: too complicated, too emotional, too competent and thus “scary” and “intimidating”).

God, I hate Doods right now. I’m definitely heading towards a “I think I might stay single for a good long while cause shit, I can do this kind of crap anymore”.

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