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Door Knob Installation

Hi youse guise,

I'm replacing the door knob to my bedroom door but the pawl* is too big for the cavity in the door itself. I know, I know I should've measured twice before I purchased anything but...meh, no good excuse I just brought on a whim.

Anyway, any suggestions to help speed along the widening process would be greatly appreciated. As of right now I'm chiseling at the door with a travel sized screw driver and a hammer, but would rather work smarter instead of harder. The tools I have at my disposal are the following:

  • Travel sized screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Full sized screwdriver with various interchangeable bits
  • An assortment of screws

If I do have to end up purchasing something I'd rather it be something affordable than a fancy one time gadget.


Thanks in advance!

*If you're like me and didn't know what a door knob pawl was before tonight, its the inner locking mechanism that connects the two knobs on either side of the door.

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