Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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This is somewhat inspired by a comment from my previous post about The Conjuring. Isn't it weird how much someone can look like another person, to one particular person? Or how one person can look like two or more totally different people? I was born in '79, when I was younger I got Tiffani Amber Thiessen CONSTANTLY—boys in a supermarket followed me around for 15 minutes before finding the guts to ask me for an autograph, everyone in my dorm called me Valerie (90210 FTW!), random people on the street. I never thought I looked a thing like her. Plus, the people I've gotten with a lot of frequency—Sandra Bullock, Nicki Hilton...pretty much anyone with brown hair. None of them look alike. And I don't look like them. Do you ever meet people who ACTUALLY look like another person?


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