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Welcome To The Bitchery
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We do as much charitable giving as possible throughout the year (admittedly, not enough) but tend to do this here and there as well, especially randomly during holiday travel to/from my Mom's, so I'm kind of "tickled" (to get all Texan/Southern on you) that it happened to her. My m.o. is generally to pay for the car behind me in a drive-thru , and yes, it generally takes some explaining to the cashier. Pro tip: Many places can't run a debit card twice in a row (McDonald's is an example I've run into) without a huge hassle, so it's best if you do it with cash or two cards.


In other news, DAMN IT ALL, I am still sick and this is driving me up a fucking wall. I have things to do and all I want to do is take more Nyquil and go back to bed. (Good old Nyquil turns out to be the elixir of the gods, for real. Take, start to breathe a little, sack out for three hours; repeat.) Hell, that's pretty much all I'm capable of doing! Coughing, congestion, on and off fever since Friday... UGH. Also, Swine Flu was confirmed like 500 miles away but still in Texas so it's totally gotta be swine flu. You know I'm right. ;)

Miss you all, love you all!

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