Hi All!

Because the news has been so craptastic so often lately, and we seem to have gone pretty quiet as a whole—with fewer posts especially since Friday night/Saturday (admittedly for good reason!)—i was thinking folks might need a bit of a break once in a while, and was thinking of doing a bit of a spin on the Good Things posts (and now that my practicum is over, i’ll try to get those up more often again, too!).

This one was inspired by a topic i heard on MPR this morning, and i thought that a version of the interviewer’s question would be perfect for GT, because we have so many readers:

So, in 3 parts,

1. What Children’s/YA book(s) helped to shape you when you were younger?

2. Which stuck with you all these years, for better or worse?


3. Which Character did you, personally, identify with the most?