Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Buzzfeed has a great list of people’s weird eating habits from childhood:

What were yours? Have you let them go?

When I was little, mine were:

  • American cheese with lots of Miracle Whip (NOT MAYO) on white bread
  • Chocolate frosting on white bread
  • Raw potatoes, cut up and dipped in ranch (I’m a white woman from the midwest—this is my culture!)
  • Calling chicken “Mildred”

My little brother also used to insist on PB + Miracle Whip sandwiches, as well as PB on his tuna salad sandwiches. Blech!


I can’t think of any weird habits today... oh, except, I like to dip my lettuce into the dressing (I always like just a teeny tiny bit of dressing), which means I often eat salad with my hands. :D

How about you?

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